Are you finding it hard to keep up with the needs of your properties? Looking for a fair priced, ethically paid team of maintenance techs to help you out? The Passadore Team has a crew of technicians with a variety of skill sets to help you manage the projects you don't want to work on.


Passadore's team of Maintenance Technicians specialize in getting your rental ready for new tenants.

Our team also manages the ongoing service of Homeowners Associations more basic repair and remodeling needs.

Have an emergency? Passadore can help "stop the bleeding" and get a flood, mold, break-in, or fire loss under control with our 24 hour helpline of in-house technicians sent to your site. Our techs are trained in getting things under control to prevent further damage.  Once things are under control, we work with Insurance companies or a remediation vendor designed to deal with the specific loss your site may have occurred. Passadore has saved hundreds, sometimes thousands, for property owners or homeowners associations bottom line on these types of losses.

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